Have you ever sat down to write about yourself? It’s weird. But here goes:

 I live in Southern California with my amazing family. I’m a mom to five (yes, FIVE) young kiddos, who are magical, crazy little maniacs. My number one goal in life was to become a momma, and when I did, all else fell by the wayside. All those BIG dreams I had for my personal career: poof! Gone. I was a stay at home mom for four years when I finally felt the urge to do something for me. 

Yes, I wanted to contribute to my family financially. Yes, I wanted to show my children what hard work and perseverance looked like. Yes, I loved the idea of taking stress off my hard-working hubby. But, I also needed to personally reach my full potential. I knew I had something inside of me that needed to reach the world. Grit. Determination. Leadership. And hustle. And it would be a damn shame not to utilize those qualities in a business sense. I had been quoted as saying that I would “NEVER do one of those home-based businesses.” For one, I hated the idea of making my social media a giant advertisement. And, even more importantly, I honestly didn’t believe that anyone could make real money with those things. So why waste my precious time?

I decided to give it a chance, thinking: what’s the worst that could happen? I knew I would do it my way. No spam. No asking for favors. No cheesy, salesy stuff that made my friends and family uncomfortable.

With the help of personal development, incredible coaches and mentors & a lot of dedication to consistent action, I earned a Cadillac just 7 months after starting with my company. I became an emerging founder with the company and am now receiving 3 profit shares every single quarter. I grew a large, amazing team spanning 4 countries. And, most importantly, I learned what I was really made of.

 I know in my heart that I’m meant to help others do what I’ve done. Leading, training, coaching…these are the things that light me up inside. Nothing brings me joy like hearing from others that I helped them to achieve their goals. In fact, if you head over to the testimonies page, you’ll read some phenomenal stories that had me in tears. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be. And, my guess is, it’s where you’re supposed to be, too.