Ready to take your business to the next level?

March Edition Boot Camp (March 8th-22nd)

15 days of daily action steps, contests with prizes, a supportive and uplifting community, accountability...this is what you can expect from the 15 days to Build Your Business Boot camps! NO company specifics, NO recruiting - a safe place for Network Marketers to come in order to better themselves

How It Works

Trainings happen live for 15 days (Starting Monday March 8th through Monday January 22nd) 

You do not have to watch the trainings live - they'll always be available via replay. To get in on the contests/action steps and to make the most out of the training, I recommend keeping up with each day (watch day 1 on day 1) - but the replays are available for you to review at any point. The page never expires. 

For maximum results, get your team involved! The more downlines you have in the Boot Camp, the greater your results will be.

"Don't forget to complete both Steps 1 and 2! "


Step 1 (don't forget that there's a Step 2 below) ***EARLY BIRD PRICING CURRENTLY***

PAYMENT (Enrollment will close on March 8th at 9pm PST)

Send $30 for one individual registration OR

$270 for a team 10 pack registration to

VENMO: @emilywilke (PREFERRED)


You may use Zelle:


You may choose to pay $33 for individual/$275 for a team pack & use PayPal

Team Packs are only available in increments of 10 people. Otherwise, the individual registration is required. For example, if you have 11 people to enroll, you would pay for one team pack and one individual. 

Step 2


Search Facebook for 15 Day Business Building Boot Camp (March 2021 edition) 

Request to join group (see below for the group cover photo)

If you purchased a team 10 pack, you may request to add others on your team on the Facebook group page. Otherwise, please send referrals to this website instead of adding them to the page. 

DO NOT invite people to join the Facebook Group unless you paid for their registration.

Send them here.