They took part in my past boot camps…let’s see what they thought!

Jessica H

"After Emily’s effective, no nonsense tips for better reach outs and more engagement with social media, I added a dozen customers and welcomed two new team members to my squad - all within a month! The trainings were interactive and informative but most  importantly, supportive and encouraging! I met some amazingly talented women that ONLY thru this training began to realize their value! Emily truly knows her stuff. She takes the daunting nature of network marketing and makes it simple and duplicate-able! I’ll never miss one of Emily’s trainings and YOU shouldn’t either!”

Rachel S

\"I needed a push. Not a nudge, not some B.S. vague advice. I needed someone to shove me back into my network marketing business because I had all but given up. The encouragement, the challenge, the steps to building a customer base and a team was exactly what I needed. I started conversations, I built relationships and I got back to work because of this seminar. I will recommend it to all the women on my team and anyone who joins me from here on out because it will change your business if you listen to Emily and DO the work.”

Caitlynn C

"I wish I had taken Emily's training the moment I signed up to be in network marketing. I have been in this business now for 14 months, and I learned more about prospecting, marketing, and how to close a sale in TWO WEEKS than I have in my NWM career. B y implementing her methods, I have seen a HUGE improvement in my business. I literally can't keep up with my leads! Her training is simple, straight forward and I really feel like I can relate to her, as a SAHM in this business. I highly suggest this seminar to anyone working in network marketing!”

Julia B

"With Emily's straight forward and proven cold market prospecting aids I contacted 135 individuals out of which I signed up a new partner who is a major influencer in my field and am working with several others with large amount of followers on post for samples deals. Her training was extremely effective, informative and structured to be simple so that any one in any business can apply it to their own.”

Kelly D

“As a beginner in this business I found Emily’s seminar extremely beneficial and I believe even a seasoned distributor would find it helpful. I was given great information on how to grow and invest my time properly into my business while still being able to take care of my family. Along with the info that was given to us, we received ACTION STEPS to take and this is what I believe makes Emily’s training superior to others. By following her weekly and daily actions I was able to sign 2 new partners for my company! This seminar pushed me beyond my comfort zone in the best way and kicked my butt into action.”